States & Regions

State and regional governments around the world are at the forefront of global climate action.

The Climate Group works with states and regions because they are setting some of the most ambitious climate targets, developing a new generation of climate and energy policies, committing to measurement, reporting and transparency – and driving global standards of climate leadership.

Our work

  • States & Regions Alliance

    The Climate Group's States & Regions Alliance brings together sub-national government leaders from around the world in a powerful, high-profile network that shares expertise, demonstrates impact and influences the international climate dialogue. See which governments are part of the Alliance or join us.

    The States & Regions Future Fund aims to empower sub-national governments to accelerate the shift towards a prosperous ‘net-zero’ future for all, through strategic funding that supports climate activities in developing and emerging economy regions.

  • Policy Innovation

    The States & Regions Policy Innovation program aims to accelerate the pace of climate policy development and adoption at the state and regional level, through two projects and one lead initiative:

    • Peer Forums facilitate experience sharing between global sub-national governments in order to improve governments’ policymaking capacity, foster bi-lateral and multilateral partnerships, and identify emerging opportunities, barriers, and innovations.
    • The Policy Innovation Lab works to identify and scale emerging state and regional policy innovations.
    • Energy Transition Platform supports state and regional governments in developing and implementing innovative clean energy policies.

    Find out more about our Policy Innovation work.

  • Annual Disclosure

    In partnership with CDP, the Annual Disclosure provides a transparent, global picture of the impact, progress and climate action driven by state and regional governments. All states, provinces and regions are invited to disclose to CDP, including members of the Under2 Coalition and the States & Regions Alliance.

    Find out more here

  • Under2 Coalition

    The Climate Group acts as Secretariat to the Under2 Coalition and works directly with government signatories and partners of the Under2 MOU to drive net-zero ambition and action. Find out more.

We have been working with states and regions for over a decade to:

Promote global climate leadership.

Governors, premiers and regional presidents are part of a new era of climate leaders, driven less by global politics and more by local realities. These leaders have the power to act on key areas of climate and energy policy and have the political will to get the job done. Through the States & Regions Alliance, we promote the collective voice of states and regions around the world and push for greater ambition at national and international levels.

Demonstrate impact and action.

States and regions are setting ambitious climate targets and standards for impactful global climate action. The Climate Group supports state and regional governments to measure and report their climate commitments and actions. In 2015, over 40 governments reported over 300 climate commitments and actions to the Compact of States and Regions

Share and scale the policies that work.

States and regions are leading the way on innovative climate and energy policy, shaping the world’s future policy landscape. Through our Policy Innovation program, we provide a forum for peer-to-peer learning, aiming to accelerate the pace of climate policy development and adoption at the sub-national level.

Drive net-zero emissions.

States and regions are important stakeholders in the international climate governance processes and current national plans to reduce GHG emissions are expected to limit temperature rise in this century to about 2.7 °C if perfectly implemented. This points to a need for both great execution, and even greater ambition in the coming years. Through the Under2 MOU, 135 governments have committed to a below 2 degree future and net-zero emissions by 2050. The Climate Group is working to support these governments to achieve this target and send a clear signal that net-zero emissions by 2050 is achievable, desirable and leads to faster results.

Under2 Coalition

For more info or to be part of this work, contact:
Tim Ash Vie, Director of the Under 2 Coalition Secretariat, The Climate Group
The Climate Group provides an exceptional platform for states and regions to showcase existing ambition, share good practice and encourage stronger action.
Johannes Remmel, Minister for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Affairs in North Rhine-Westphalia

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