Executive Director North America

Amy Davidsen leads the delivery of our Clean Revolution work in North America. She has over 20 years of banking experience and was the founder and first Director of the Office of Environmental Affairs at JPMorganChase, responsible for creating and implementing the firm's global environmental and social risk management policies; developing business opportunities for the low carbon economy; advancing the public policy dialogue on climate change; and managing the firm's environmental footprint.

Prior to The Climate Group and establishing the Office of Environmental Affairs, she advised global Private Banking clients on their philanthropic efforts specifically on the environment, micro-credit, human rights, and venture philanthropy.  In addition, Amy held various positions at JPMorganChase advising not-for-profits, law firms, and individual clients on their financial needs; managing the banking relationships of domestic financial institutions; and, auditing the firm's international loan portfolio.

In 1997, Amy took a leave-of-absence to facilitate a USAID job-creation loan program in Sarajevo, Bosnia. From 1988-1990, she was the Finance Manager of Women's World Banking, an international microfinance not-for-profit dedicated to providing poor women access to credit.

Amy was a finalist for the 2009 Earth Awards and speaks frequently on the opportunities for a more prosperous and low-carbon world, most recently at TEDx in Michigan. Ms. Davidsen holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Brown University. She lives in New York City and is married with one son. 

You can follow Amy on Twitter at @AmyDavidsen.

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