Anisha Laming

India Communications Manager

A keen documentary and film-making enthusiast, Anisha has nearly eight years of experience in the broadcast media. Coming from a communications background, her strengths include: designing media campaigns, corporate communications strategies and innovating creative themes. Owing to her earlier experience in the development sector she has always aspired for ways and means to administer her media skills, which could be beneficial to the masses through her media communication projects.

As India Communications Manager, Anisha develops creative media and corporate strategies contributing to the annual strategic communications plan. Apart from handling media tie ups, press releases and executing film projects, she is also responsible for organizing state and national level events for The Climate Group India and providing support to all our global international projects and events.

Anisha holds multiple degrees: Bachelors in Economics & Entrepreneurship, Broadcast Media & Journalism as well as masters in English Literature.

Apart from being passionate about writing, she enjoys photography and has a collection of nature photography to her credit. Her love for dance also wins her a graduation in the Indian classical dance form of bharatanatyam.

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