We Mean Business

The Climate Group is a proud partner of We Mean Business – a coalition of organizations working with thousands of the world’s most influential businesses and investors.

Founding partners are BSR, the B Team, CDP, Ceres, The Climate Group, the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) and WBCSD: the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, which together represent thousands of top companies and investors.

These businesses and investors recognize that the transition to a low carbon economy is the only way to secure sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all.

To accelerate this transition, we profiling companies and investors, which are committing to one or more of a set of bold and innovative climate low-carbon initiatives.

Together, these commitments will make a huge positive impact: helping to reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions while growing the economy, creating jobs and delivering better, low-carbon products and services for billions of people.

We Mean Business is providing these companies and investors with a range of opportunities to be widely recognized for their leadership.

And the coalition partners are working together to send a strong signal to governments and policymakers that businesses and investors all over the world want smart climate policy that will scale solutions and help deliver a more prosperous and resilient future.

We encourage companies and investors join us and commit to one or more of these initiatives

Visit WeMeanBusinessCoalition.org for more information or email us at info@theclimategroup.org

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